We are pleased to announce first solo exhibition of the graduating student Ondřej Filípek.

‘We were supposedly liberated, but the cost was that we buried ourselves in technology, to which we became completely subordinate. While people in the distant past supposedly suffered in an order where they were subordinate to God and had a predestined monarch, both of whom had to be served, people in our times experience the euphoria of freedom in disorder, where they are subordinate to nobody and nothing, and thus have to serve Nothing and Nothingness. ‘ Jan Stern

Ondřej Filípek attempts to find a new order and adjust the relations between technological and ‘organic‘ things, which are homogenized in his works made with plaster. The morphology of his object derives from industrial products, frequently construction materials, plastic pipes, and screws. He creates figures whose physicality is connected to people. These semi-technological figures are in a standing position and have a body stretches out vertically like Giacometti´s sculptures. They also, however, resemble stalks of tropical or carnivorous plants that did not grow from the ground, but were constructed out from the center of the body, from a found part. Constructive material is distinctive in that it is predetermined for joining, building, continuing, for growth, and this may be another reason why it attracts the author´s attention. Filípek focused most of all on points of connection, where the dramatic moments of the sculpture occur, exposes its construction. He wants to end mechanical processes of creation, and as such, his manufactured object follows a process of naturalization – he creates from it a natural form that is original and has its own subjectivity. The shape of the technological item that serves as DNA of author´s future sculpture represents the complex of characteristics and relationships that it brings to the new work, though transformed in the process of organically creating a form, which once again stands in for the complexity of the new object whose nature is neither technological nor human. Edith Jeřábková, Against Nature, Praha 2016 

Ondřej Filípek (b. 1993) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2018 (Vojtěch Míča studio).

Exhibition views, Ondřej Filípek, Works, stone projects, 2018, Photo: Ondřej Polák. All images Courtesy: artist and stone projects